Name: ​​Paula Martin

Phone: (559) 253-6440​


​​​Health Services:​ (559) 457-3294​​​​​

If your child needs to receive medication at school, please read the following:


California State Law states that medication at school including over the counter drugs (such as Tylenol and cough drops) may not be dispensed by school personnel without a physician’s order. Medication is given at school as a life saving measure only, or when absolutely necessary for adequate treatment of the child. In these special cases. School personnel may administer medication when parents provide a physician’s order, which MUST include:

                (1) Child’s Name

                (2) Name of Medication

                (3) Dose to be administered

                (4) Time and Duration to be administered

Parent’s signature is required on the Medication at School Form before administration of the medication can begin. Medication must be brought to the office in the original container. All medication is kept locked in the Nurse’s Office. Any changes in medication, dosage, or means of administering require new doctor’s instructions.  

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